Ashot Grigoryan

Economist, Marketer




E-mail: ashotgrigory[at]



     Year and place of birth:  1981, Yerevan (Armenia)




MD, Yerevan State Institute of Economics, Marketing


Ph.D., Voronezh State University, Russia, Economics
Dissertation: The Formation of the System of Innovation Management in an Enterprise [Формирование системы управления инновационной деятельностью на предприятии]
Supervisor: Prof. O.N. Belenov


Selected Executive MBA, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow, Russia


Fields of Research

*         Marketing,

*         E-business,

*         Innovative component of "New economy",

*         IT development and e-society,

*         Stock market,

*         Theory of cyclicity.




The Problems of Economy and Management of Enterprises, Branches, Complexes, Book 3, by T. Blokhina, A. Bogdanov, S. Volkov, N. Gorbachyov, A. Grigoryan and others, ed by. S. Chernov, Novosibirsk, TSRNS, 2008, 288 p.- ISBN 978-5-94301-046-0 (in Russian).


List of Articles

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Marketing Maintenance of Innovative Activities in "New Economy" (in Russian)/ "The Modernization of Russia: key problems and solutions", INNOClub and INION, papers of eleventh International conference, Moscow, 2011 (4 pages) -григорян_6_конк_ИТР_дд.doc

The Formation of Modern Views about Long-Term Economic and Innovation Cycles (in Russian)/ "International Innovation Research", papers of III International scientific conference, Penza, 2016, pp. 68-80 -

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"The first empirical principle" and the modern dating of Kondratiev waves (in Russian)/ "Improving the efficiency of management in the formation of conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Belarus", papers of XVI International scientific and practical conference, Minsk, 2019, pp. 89-90.


Abstract (autoreferat) of dissertation.


Work Experience

Marketing Manager

Russian Federation

Since 2010

Head of i-Society Formation and e-Governance Department

Ministry of Economy, Republic of Armenia

January 2009 - November 2009


IT development consultant

Ministry of Economy, Republic of Armenia

2008 - 2009 



Yerevan Physics Institute

2008 - 2008 



Voronezh State University

2004 - 2007


Assistance and Consulting

at private and municipal organizations

2002 - 2007


Presentations in Conferences and Academic Forums

"The Economy of Armenia- yesterday, today and tomorrow", all-republican conference, Yerevan, April 2003.

"Marketing management in the company", regional conference, Voronezh, April 2004.

"International Forum on problems of science, technology and education", Moscow, December 2004.

"The State and The Society", International conference, Moscow, April 2005 (prize for young scientists).

"Achievements of scientists of XXI century", International conference, Tambov, July 2005.

"Electronic business: experience and prospects", all-Russian conference, Voronezh, December 2005.

"Actual problems of socio-economical development of Russia", all-Russian conference, Voronezh, October 2006.

"Electronic business: problems, evolution and prospects", all-Russian conference, Voronezh, December 2006.

"Marketing management in the sectors of production and service", regional seminar, Voronezh, March 2008.

"The Modernization of Russia: key problems and solutions", International conference, Moscow, December 2010.

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